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Autism in the Workplace

Arm has partnered with Red2Green for many years to raise awareness of autism in the workplace. This work along with the workplace needs assessments and advocacy work that Red2Green have conducted for individuals have help us appreciate and embrace difference as well as providing both individuals and managers the skills and confidence to enable our people to thrive in their job roles. Red2Green have also helped us establish a wider neurodiversity Employee Resource Group by providing literature and advice on a range of specialist topics such as sensory overload.

What is Autism in the Workplace?

Autism in the Workplace is a support system for anyone with autism in employment. 

Our practitioners are experienced at assessing levels of need and identifying an appropriate form of support. We work with employers, breaking down barriers and enabling employees to overcome the challenges that people with autism face in the workplace. We are able to offer advice to families too and personalise the support that we give.

We offer online or in-person:

  • Workplace Assessments 
  • Advice and training for managers and other colleagues
  • Lunch and Learn sessions
  • Support for families

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